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Selection Sunday - Where will UCLA Play?

Join us for updates on Selection Sunday and we try to figure out where the committee will ship us out to, probably somewhere cold and far.

Reach for that bracket, everyone.
Reach for that bracket, everyone.
Jeff Gross

Happy Sunday, fellow Bruins. There are a few more conference title games this morning, but in the long run, it probably will not affect overall seeding in the tournament.

The goal for this team was to get a protected seed in the West. Remember Howland's history - he succeeds with his NCAA teams when they are the higher seed and when they are in a protected region. That 2006 run was helped out immensely by not having to leave the state. This year, we had that exact opportunity - the first two rounds (I refuse to consider those play in games the "first" round) in San Jose, and the second weekend in Staples - the stars aligned for a deep UCLA run in the tournament.

But with a Pac-12 Championship game loss, losses to Cal Poly, versus three wins over an overhyped Arizona team that hasn't beaten a quality team since December, we have no idea where UCLA will end up today. The Committee will also take Jordan Adams' injury in to account, and possibly knock us down a line.

The quick bracketology glance:

SJ Mercury News:

UCLA: No. 6 seed. The Bruins are an interesting case: They have wins worthy of a No. 4-5 seed and losses worthy of an NIT team … and No. 2 scorer Jordan Adams is out. His absence will be taken into account by the committee.

He also says to not get your hopes up about the committee placing UCLA in San Jose in the first round as a 5.

ESPN Bracketology, after our loss, bumped us out of the 5 seed and playing in San Jose the first week, down to a six seed and playing in Kansas City, with a first round matchup against Wichita State and a second round matchup against Kansas State. This is what we get for losing to Cal Poly. Even more annoying is that they bumped Arizona back up to a 5 into San Jose. Of course, they beat WSU both times this year.

CBSSports really hates our body of work, and knocked us down two spots from his last released bracket to a 9 in Kansas City. While I think a 9 is HARSH for us, we still lost to WSU in the final weekend, and take the Jordan Adams injury into account, and maybe it's justified.

This is your Selection Sunday open thread. Selection Sunday starts at 3pm Pacific Time on CBS. Get ready to watch Seth Davis gloat.