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Bruin Bites: Howland's Hot Seat Edition

It's Monday morning and rather than focusing on the various bits and pieces of news from the broader UCLA-iverse, with UCLA coming up short against the Ducks, and destined to face Florida in the NCAA tournament again, we take a look at the various bits of information floating out there about Ben Howland and the persistent rumors that he could soon be on his way to Pitt.

Howland: Cal got placed where?! (original photo by Kyle Terada - USA Today Sports)

It's Monday morning, and once again, the weekend has to come to an end, and with it March Madness officially begins, with the bracket set and the tournament getting underway this week. And while the Bruins are back in the tournament, as discussed on Saturday, it seems more-and-more likely that this is the final stretch in Ben Howland's farewell tour. Surprisingly, the Bruins choked to a mediocre Ducks team that won its first conference tournament title, so we can thank Ben (again) for helping make history (the wrong kind) in Westwood. In any event, let's turn to the various bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse, which are pretty much all focused on soon-to-be-ex-coach Ben Howland:

So as we get this work week started, with the Bruins gearing up for a battle against the Minnesota Golden Gophers (ironically coached by Tubby Smith, more on that later this afternoon), it seems the major story isn't whether the Bruins will beat the Gophers (or more accurately, whether the Bruins will finally beat Florida once they get past Minnesota), but whether Ben Howland will, in fact, be taking his talents to Pittsburgh after the money-men in Westwood force Chianti Dan to "mutually agree" with Ben to go another direction.

Fire away with your thoughts this morning in the comment thread.