Dan Guerrero's Contract -- Read It and Get Sick

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As we eagerly await to see if black smoke comes out of the chimney on Blocks office (to signify the destruction of Dan Guerrero's contract), I thought I'd take a look at the contract in place -- the one that expires on March 31, 2013.

Here are some of the things I found interesting:

1. My fear that there might be an "automatic renewal clause" seems unfounded. If this is in fact the only contract, it must be renewed and approved by the Regents. Anyone know how to find out whether they have done so?

2. Interestingly, the contract was renegotiated in 2008. Why?

"The campus initiated negotiations with Athletic Director Guerrero to amend his current contract in response to external interest on the part of competitive institutions."

3. We've all complained that he is overpaid. It's actually worse than appears.

First, if this contract is renewed, this month, he gets a "retention bonus" of $750,000. Yes, that's $750,000 IN ADDITION TO THE $750,000 ALREADY MAKES!, and,

Second, it appears that with his bonuses added in, his annual compensation package was worth $1,290,000 a year.

Find this hard to believe? Read it for yourself:

An excellent university demands excellence from all who perform important tasks. Dan Guerrero has failed to lead. He has failed to innovate. He has failed to create. And, he has failed to manage the treasure that is UCLA Athletics. In any other department, he would have been fired.

Were he paid a third of what he is now making, were he the worst paid AD in the Pac 12, he should be fired. Failure at any cost is not acceptable.

But, failure at this level of compensation is beyond belief.

At a time when California is in tough shape, and at a time when the UC system is struggling, this gross waste of funds is inconceivable.

If he is not terminated before March 31, if he is retained and the $750,000 retention bonus kicks in, something is grossly wrong. He must have pictures of the goat with Block and all of the Regents. (Although, I do hear it is a very attractive goat.)

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