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Bruins Nation's NCAA Tourney Bracket Competition

Announcing the Bruins Nation NCAA Tournament bracket group on Yahoo Sports.

Hopefully you like your bracket better than Ben likes his
Hopefully you like your bracket better than Ben likes his

Hey folks. It is Tournament time again, and with that comes the all-important task of putting together a bracket (or several). The BN editors have set up a Bruins Nation group as part of Yahoo Sports' NCAA Tourney Pick-Em contest.

This year, the competition is simply for bragging rights - or going after the person whose pick of Florida winning the title comes true. This has been set up as a private group, but anyone on BN along with friends/family are welcome to join. The required info to join the group is:

Group Name: Bruins Nation

Group ID#: 145951

Password: pauleyunderglass

The default Yahoo scoring rules apply, as do the rules governing how long you have to join the group and create/edit your brackets - entry to the group and ability to edit your brackets ends just before the first tournament game tips off, at 9:15am pacific time on Thursday, 3/21.

Good luck, and GO BRUINS!