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ESPN College GameDay at Pauley - Special Twitter Edition

ESPN College GameDay came to visit this morning, and everyone had a grand old time.


ESPN College GameDay came to visit "new" Pauley, and the combination of a "big" game against "The Standard" on Saturday, their visit, and absolutely perfect weather in Los Angeles on Friday led to the camp out that probably made a lot of college kids go "so why didn't go I choose UCLA again...."

The Daily Bruin also "live blogged" the camp out and event. Of course through the magic of Twitter, you can relive the camp out. Starting here.

I mean when you break down the picture, there's a lot of awesome going on in there. Instead of a warm Friday afternoon at Sunset Rec, it's next to Pauley. There's a pool, there's "soda" pong, great weather, beautiful people, and college memories for life.

And then the administration came by and shut down the fun part of the party.

Aw man. Allegedly it was the pool being close to outlets, but why not just tell the kids to move the pool?


Then the GameDay crew showed up.

The signs could have been better, but the Bilas is the Trillest sign is good. Should have had a few signs about Bilas going to work!

I think he enjoyed being in Westwood.

As the night went on, the men's team arrived to deliver pizzas:

"Soda" pong!

Pics from Shabazz:

When I first saw this pic, I said to myself "Dominos? Come on. At least bring some quality pizza..."

You don't believe Howland played soda pong?

5-0! 5-0! Gotta... oh wait we're good.

It's time to get inside Pauley.

I love fatheads.

BOOO DIGGER. BOOO. I am pleased to announce that the sign made an appearance.

Why didn't I think of this earlier?

Oh and kiddos: If you're going to dress up, fine. I get it. I don't like it, but fine. But for the love of pete, do NOT dress up as a red teletubbie.


Double LOL.

I'm so glad the kids have picked up on it. Thank you Bill Walton for making it painfully obvious.

I hope you all had fun at the camp out. Every camp out should be like this, with or without ESPN CGD. Enjoy your time in college.

Next up: sign-making lessons.