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Mid-Thursday BN Tourney Bracket Update

We are halfway through the first day of March Madness. With 8 games in the books, this seems like a good time to look back at this morning's games and give a bracket update.

If Jamie Dixon is considering leaving Pittsburgh for Southern Cal, he certainly cleared his schedule for negotiations in a hurry after 8th seeded Pitt fell to #9 seed Wichita State, 73-55.

Though there were a couple of near-massive upsets today, with Davidson coming within a couple of seconds of knocking off Marquette, and Gonzaga struggling to defeat Southern - this is the second year in a row that a 16-seed has gone late into a game with a legitimate shot at beating their #1-seeded opponent (UNC-Asheville v. Syracuse). At some point, one of those teams will break through.

With none of those several close calls panning out, there was just one real upset among the early games: Oregon's comfortable 68-55 win over Oklahoma State in San Jose. With Dominic Artis back with the team, the Ducks really should not have been worse than a 10 or 11 seed (though being assigned to a west-coast site did help make up for it), and the Cowboys bore the brunt of the Selection Committee's mistake. Let's see if Cal can take advantage of being given effectively a home-game against UNLV tonight.

We have a total of 125 completed brackets in the group - after the first 8 games today, there are just 8 perfect brackets remaining. They are:

  • Bruinfan94
  • G.Granillo's winning braket
  • Dave's Bracket
  • mmailliw's Primo Bracket
  • Shabazz is my Homeboy
  • Prince's Primo Bracket
  • Efff Florida
  • Oh9Bruin
Congrats to you all - Once tonight's games are over with, we will have an overall first-day leaderboard for the bracket group.