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2 (Out of 125) Perfect Brackets Left on BruinsNation

So after the first day of Madness we just have 2 perfect brackets left out of 125. Bruinfan94 and Shabazz is my Homeboy are currently leading the pack. Behind them are DJ Gadabout (BN), G.Granillo's winning braket, Dave's Bracket and Bobinski Blows - Go Bruins!! They are all tied for the 7 spots with just 1 miss.

Guess one of the themes from first day is that Pac-12 had a good day going 3-0. Before folks prematurely concludes that this means that our conference was under-rated, don't forget that two of the teams got extremely lucky placement by getting to be in San Jose as deceptive 12 seeds, while another one got to stay in the West, despite being swept by UCLA. At this point though we can expect Zona to cruise to Staples, while it will be interesting to see whether Oregon and California get through this Saturday.

For the record, I have both Arizona and California, along with UCLA in the Steve-16. It's all about matchups and where games are played this time of year. Arizona is a sure shot. Cal may have a shot because they usually play well in Bay Area. As for UCLA, the Lavin/Zombie coach doctrine will be in play on Sunday (no doubt we will win tomorrow), so we are heading to the Steve-16.

I went 12 for 16 today along with Mr. "Nestor = MASSIVE clown." YES! It was absolutely clownish of me to pick Akron over VCU. I was really hoping Shaka's season was going to come to an end tonight. That was a classic "heart" over "brains" pick. Oh Well. How are your brackets looking right now?