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Brackets Smashed After Day 2 - 6 Way Tie for First Place

For those who are interested who are interested in smashed brackets, we have a 6 way tie for first place:

  • Bruinfan94
  • David's Dazzling Bracket
  • Wang's Warriors's Bracket
  • Please FIRE Howland Now!!!
  • JoeBruin15's Bye Ben! Bracket
  • KSBruin's

Those guys got 25 out of the first 32. But we have number of folks bunched in with 24 and 23 correct picks from the first two days.

At this point I don't really care much about my bracket now that Joshua Smith's future school decided to embarrass itself in the first round. But I will be watching the tourney very closely and rooting for certain teams to get bounced early - perhaps as early as this weekend.