#SayNoToAdidas: Uh-oh....Adidas is it again with revised Surrender Whites!

Coach Steve Broussard posted the following picture to his Twitter account.



On the right, you see the well-received LA Nights football unis. The left side of the picture is a little more disturbing.

At first glance, it appears to be a picture of the now-infamous "Surrender Whites".

But they are not. Those things didn't even attempt a UCLA stripe. These have the current UCLA stripe stub. Also Coach Broussard's picture shows with the traditional gold helmet, not the white helmets.

If you compare that photo to this one, you'll also notice the difference in the number font. The original Surrender Whites have a Clarendon font. The new one is in line with the current standard jerseys.


Photo from this article. Photo credit: AP

So, apparently, Glenn Toth and company have learned NOTHING in the last month. Email him now:

While you're at it, send a tweet to Coach Broussard to let him know what you think about the revised Surrender Whites.

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