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OFFICIAL: Howland Fired as UCLA's Basketball Coach

After initially denying that Ben Howland had been fired as UCLA's basketball coach, Morgan Center released official word late on Sunday evening that, in fact, Ben Howland has been relieved of his duties as UCLA's head basketball coach, initiating another head coaching search for a major revenue program, as another Chianti Dan hire fails.


Despite Morgan Center initially denying that Howland had been fired as UCLA's basketball coach, we now have official confirmation that Ben Howland has been let go. From the official site:

The University of California Los Angeles has relieved Head Men's Basketball Coach Ben Howland of his duties effective immediately and a national search for his successor has begun. Director of Athletics Dan Guerrero informed Coach Howland of the decision this afternoon.

So, within 24 hours, the official word from Morgan Center was that Howland had not yet been fired to Howland has been officially relieved of his duties. Man, talk about a complete failure of communications. Sometimes, it makes you wonder if anyone at Morgan Center knows what the heck they're doing. Oh wait, we already know the answer: no, they don't.

Obviously, while Howland had a great run when he first got to Westwood, the numbers have just been plain ugly since 2009 (HT to cubers and LVBruin for some outstanding work). After being informed of the decision, Howland had the following to say:

I have been blessed with the opportunity to coach at UCLA for 10 years and I will always be grateful to Dan Guerrero and Chancellors Block, Abrams and Carnesale for the opportunity to coach and teach our players and work alongside tremendous coaches," Howland said. "The UCLA community and fans have been unbelievable to my family and I, and it's been an honor and privilege to represent this great institution. I look forward to what comes next.

So, that's it folks. The Ben Howland era in Westwood is officially over. Fire away with your thoughts in the open thread.