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Morgan Center Press Conference on Ben Howland Firing

Dan Guerrero talks to the press about the firing of Ben Howland.


The Morgan Center held a presser via teleconference for members of the media about the Howland firing. Here are the quick updates from the various beat reporters Twitter feeds. He didn't say much and definitely did not name any names.

(meaning if he gets another job, then it'll eat into the buyout.)

Plus we have money for the buyout.

Why Ben wasn't shown the door last year:

The decision was made today.

In regards to attendance issues:

As to the actual search for a new coach:

SHAKA SHAKA SHAKA. Oh I'm sorry, I can't control myself.

I guess defense first basketball, OUT.

As for candidates that may still be in the Dance, they will wait until they are out to contact them.

The assistants:

I've got to imagine that Garson is gone at the very least. I think he's the most loyal of the assistants.

It was a very short press conference, and we'll probably hear absolutely nothing from the Morgan Center for the next week, as they decide whether they'll search on their own or hire a search firm. Get ready for every name possible to be linked to this job.