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Special Twitter Edition - The MSM Just Doesn't Understand

Big time media versus reporters that actually cover UCLA on a day to day basis about the firing of Ben Howland.

That play didn't save your job either.
That play didn't save your job either.
Jeff Gross

The twitterverse has exploded, and two distinct camps have emerged: the media that thinks Ben Howland should have been fired, and the media that thinks he deserved one more shot, because, you know, three final fours.

Jon Gold cannot put it any more simply:

Let him summarize why everyone else who doesn't actually follow UCLA basketball think he shouldn't have been fired:

What is the main stream media writing? (And yakking about on the air?)

We're so heartless, firing someone who won a regular season title in a weak conference.

Greg Anthony, on TV, didn't think Howland deserved to be fired. (Neither did Charles Barkeley. Turrible.)

I mean, COME ON.

Ok here's ONE guy that gets it.

Seriously. And any big job you take across the country, you are dealing with history, tradition, and boosters. You will need to recruit well, manage your roster, and meet expectations.

Here's another.

Dear East Coast and people who do not actually follow UCLA or college basketball until the tournament starts, here's the deal:


Go Bruins.