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In looking at recent successful college basketball hires, one common thread was that the successful schools did not look to hire from within their community of prior players, or current or prior assistants.

In looking at recent Doughnut hires, one common thread is that he does like to hire from within- see Dorrell, Neuheisel. UCLA also has this tradition from before Doughnut's time- see Hazzard, Farmer.

Assuming that Doughnut will follow suit with his comfort zone, here are 4 potential candidates, and why they should not be hired-

  • Cameron Dollar (UCLA player)- 4 yrs head coach experience- all at Seattle. 1 winning record in 4 seasons, taking over a program which was 21-8 in the last season before he arrived. Last season finished 10th in the WAC, recording at least 20 losses for the second time in his 4 years.
  • Brad Holland (UCLA player, assistant coach under Harrick)- 15 yrs head coach experience- Cal State Fullerton, San Diego. Most recent experience- assistant at UCSB, 2010. 1 NCAA appearance in 15 yrs.
  • Lorenzo Romar (UCLA assistant coach under Harrick)- 17 yrs head coach experience- Pepperdine, St. Louis, Washington. 1 conference championship at St. Louis, lost in 1st round of NCAA tourney. 2 conference championships at Washington in 11 seasons, 6 NCAA tourneys. Furthest advance in NCAA tourney- Sweet 16 three times. Has not been in NCAA tourney last 2 seasons.
  • Mark Gottfried (UCLA assistant coach under Hazzard and Harrick)- 18 yrs head coach experience- Murray St, Alabama, NC State. 3 yrs at Murray St- 3 conference championships (predecessor won conference championship prior 2 seasons), 2 NCAA tourneys, lost both times in 1st round). 11 yrs at Alabama- 1 conference championship, 5 NCAA tourneys, reached elite 8 1 season, did not advance past 2nd round other 4 seasons, resigned under cloud middle of 2009 season. 2 seasons at NC State- tied for 4th in conference both seasons, 2 NCAA tourneys, reached Sweet 16 2012, lost 1st game 2013. Sum- 13 seasons at major conference- 1 conference championship, 1 elite 8, 1 other sweet 16.

Reaching the sweet 16 3 times in 17 years (Romar), or 2 times in 18 years (Gottfried) is not exactly the standard we should be looking for. I included Holland, who is not even coaching now, only because who knows how Doughnut's mind works (or doesn't).

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