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Goodbye Ben - Twitter Support and Silence

UCLA Basketball alums take to Twitter to support their coach.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

After Ben Howland had only classy responses in his farewell press conference today, I wanted to put up some of the goodbye comments his former players posted on the Twitters.

Also Michael Roll posted support for Howland, but his account his protected.

I guess this is indirect, not mention Howland by name support:

But there are two sides to every story, and in Ben Howland's case, two sides to his UCLA legacy.

This is where I would post what the current or recent players have been saying, but not a word has been uttered. The current players may have been asked to stay out of it, but the only recent player that has said a word is Jerime Anderson (although another way to look at it is that he was the only one left...) And no, Dragovic does not have a Twitter (that he updates.)

I think that alone shows the stark divide between the first five years and the last five. Also in the last five, there has been some not so nice things mentioned about Howland in recruiting circles.


And curiouser.

I'm not trying to kick a man while he's down - just presenting what I thought was extremely curious so far in the responses to him being fired. There may be more in the next couple of days, but in an era of instant response, it has been very quiet.