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BN Tourney Bracket: Looking at the Sweet 16

Florida Gulf Coast? LaSalle? Wichita State? Not U.C.L.A.? It's Madness, I tell you. Madness!

We may be looking at the Sweet 16 this weekend, but right now our bracket competition is looking at a very sweet one and only, as Bruinfan 94 broke open the 6 way tie at the top and has taken sole possession of first place.

Right behind him are the Next 4: 1DGB Bruin, Sydney Bruin, Dave's Bracket, and JoeBruin15's Bye Ben! Bracket. Of those top 5 brackets, only JoeBruin15 still has his Final Four intact.

After the Next 4, currently there are 16 others who are within 5 points of the top spot, so any of them have a shot. Well, except for Against The Wind who bravely and loyally and unwisely picked the Bruins to win it all. It may cost a bracket, but I guarantee Against The Wind sleeps well at night with a clean conscience. I want that Bruin on my island.

Prize announcements coming soon - meaning, whenever I get around to it. The way the Tourney has been going, anyone that still has 2 or 3 of their final four alive is still in the game. Even me, down in the triple digits.

You can see the up to date standings here.