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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

A recap of the non-UCLA coaching drama tweets over the past week.

Go Joe!
Go Joe!
Stephen Dunn

We give you this brief break from basketball to give you some of the other news of the Twitter week.

Finals: Done.

Oh man, I would have LOVED to see this.

No this is true. I could tell you stories, but that would implicate people.

Overanalyze this!

Oh wait maybe he does want to stay. Video games keeps everyone together.

But Jordan Adams is having fun.

Coach Cori Close has some good wisdom:

What's this white stuff?

No, you don't want that job.

The UCLA life.

If you watched part of the World Cup Qualifying, you may have noticed that Clint Dempsey has been wearing the captain armband.


Ahh... and Kluwe doesn't even mention the runways that cross each other!

Is it spring practice yet?

A few days ago, Mora had a picture of a lion as his avatar. Probably a little message to his players. Now it's him with the 49ers.

Really, is it time for football yet?

Get to work, young man!

Happy birthday, Sheldon Price.

ATV is holding a football camp:

Congratulations, Dawn Harper:

Good luck, Jarrad Page:

This is horrible.

Bruins for life.