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Reactions to Steve Alford as the new UCLA Coach

Reactions around the twittersphere to the new UCLA basketball coach.

I hope you can do this in Westwood.
I hope you can do this in Westwood.
Jeff Bottari

I woke up this morning to "We hired a new coach."
"Excuse me?"

If you thought nothing happened before noon on a Saturday, you are wrong!

First, we had the welomes:

I love how XSF is into everything UCLA:

And the not as overly warm welcome:

And a welcome that's probably more skeptical than "come in, put up your feet"

Another Bruin says..

The reactions from the media were just as mixed. Some were pleased, some were skeptical, and some just flat out hate us no matter who is the coach.

He probably can't wait to mock us.

Maybe it's a CBS thing to hate UCLA.

Well, at least he might have some perspective?

Wow Glockner really hates us or has delusions of being a bad comedian like Seth Davis.

Oh ok, well as long as you explain it. (whatever.)

But many agree, a change was needed at UCLA, and Alford might have that California magic.

Well there's definitely one thing the kids can learn from their coach now:

I could certainly nominate a beat writer or general UCLA writer to follow in the UNM beat writer:

Best of luck to you, Coach Alford. You have quite a task before you - UCLA basketball should not and will not be taken lightly.