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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

A recap of UCLA related tweets over the past week.

Stormin Norman.
Stormin Norman.

There were a LOT of tweets related to the basketball game this week.


Just in case the students rushed the court. I like to believe our students knew better than to rush the court against a not as good as advertised in every way Arizona team. Please don't chant overrated again. It's all I ask. I mean, yes, when I was a student, I probably would have been right there with you chanting, but as an old lady now heading into geezerville, please, don't.

No biggie.

Although the conspiracy theorists would say "they were only there because the Clippers were playing on ABC the next day, and our game was on ESPN! CROSS PROMOTION."


By the way, I like the way XSF thinks:

I leave these comments by Jarrad Page for you to decipher.

Apparently the real stars of the Arizona game were our cheerleaders:

It's ok, we don't play it anyways:

Why I love Jim Mora even more: HE IS WATCHING AMERICAN IDOL.

I'm not his only fan... the fan club grows every week.

We can't wait until both of you are here.

And we are finally taking advantage of technology so that our recruits can be prepared when they arrive in the summer.

Yes you are Dietrich.

Welcome back Malcolm Jones.

Is it spring practice yet?

I nominate Chris Kluwe for Dad of the Year.

Congratulations Patrick!

Food tweets:

Sadly, she can't get it in Puerto Rico.

Also Diddy Riese. You must go to Diddy Riese.

I think a few years in LA may cure this aversion:


UCLA: home of the STUDENT... uh professional athlete.

Go Bruins.