Does UCLA Have A Significant Chance To Make A Run To The Final Four ?

First Off I would like to say this is my first post on this forum and just wanted to get some feedback on anything I did or am doing wrong. Secondly, most of this article will be all purely opinion, but feel free to discuss any topics touched on in this article with me.

As most of the people on this forum know, UCLA has the record of 22-7 and are tied for the lead in the PAC 12 with Oregon. If I would have heard that it would have come to this at the beginning of the season, I would not have been surprised but a little disappointed. I like most, had Very high expectations for a team who pulled out one of the best recruiting classes in the country. I honestly believe our record does not define what team we are now. I remember after that loss to Cal Poly I honestly thought we as a team were gonna be a middle of the road PAC 12 team who is on the bubble of making to tournament. This changed drastically after a win against Cal State Northridge and a loss to San Diego State, we went on a 10 game winning streak in which we looked somewhat like the team I thought I would be seeing this year. The Freshman were young and inexperienced and that is the reason for the loses against Cal Poly and USC. This being said, as the year went on UCLA changed as a team and found an identity. They showed that they were a young, inexperienced team who runs the break and scores 75-80 points a game. The negative part of this, it seemed like if we did not shoot well in any game we had a chance to lose. I believe slowly this UCLA team has somewhat come out of this trend, due to the veteran leadership of Larry Drew II and the phenomenal play of all the Freshmen. This team is getting better as time goes on and I believe they have an opportunity to due some damage this year.

Now for the subject of this article, does UCLA have a chance to make the Final Four. I believe they have a better chance than the seed they will receive. It looks like even if the Bruins win out, They will probably get a five or a four seed. I don't think its horrible that the bruins will end up with a higher seed but I think they will be the team that higher seeds will not want to face. A young team that if they were playing like they are now at the beginning of the season, They might have been more like a Arizona rather than an Oregon. All this article is trying to express is if we win out and have an impressive Pac 12 tournament, anything could happen. This team is young and has a ton of potential to some big things. I would not throw in the towel yet as a dedicated Bruins Basketball fan in the 2012-2013 season.

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