#SayNoToAdidas: An Open Letter to Dan Guerrero

Mike Ehrmann

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For those who may not have seen it, the weekly "Word from Westwood" email was sent out this afternoon. Unlike every other version this year, the Thoughts from the Athletic Director (yes, I know...please don't snicker.) was moved from the end of the email to the very top. Why? So, that Dan could immediately address the Adidas Uniform Destruction. For those who may not have read it, I will quote Dan's written statement. Immediately following, I will offer a rebuttal in the form of an Open Letter to Dan Guerrero which I emailed to him tonight.

As you know, last week, our long-time apparel partner, adidas, unveiled a set of alternate uniforms for some of their partners, including UCLA, Notre Dame, and Kansas, three schools entrenched with athletic tradition. As you are aware, our men's basketball team had worn an alternate uniform earlier this season at Pauley Pavilion, and our players have continued to love the idea of mixing it up. As such, we decided to go ahead with a unique uniform in line with our peers to wear during the Pac-12 Tournament in Las Vegas.

In my recent conversations with leadership at adidas and with the men's basketball staff, we decided to wear the alternate uniform only for our initial game at the Pac-12 Tournament. Due to our anticipated seed in the tournament, we will suit up in the white version of the alternate uniform....

Retail replicas of the alternate uniforms will be available for purchase in the UCLA Store.

Dear Mr. Guerrero:

I got home from work tonight and read your weekly "Word from Westwood" email.

My immediate reaction is mixed.

On one hand, I was glad that you did the job you are being paid to do. On the other hand, why is there SO LITTLE VISION in the UCLA Athletic Department under your leadership?

On one hand, you responded to the concerns that your constituency -- the UCLA fan base -- raised over these atrocious abominations. On the other, you're still allowing our team to wear them for the first game of the Pac-12 Tournament.

On one hand, UCLA fans should cheer because you finally stood up to Adidas. On the other hand, UCLA fans should scratch their collective heads wondering why you haven't stopped this completely.

On one hand, I want to call the #SayNoToAdidas campaign a success and call it a day. On the other hand, I really want you to dump these things in the same trash bin as the "Surrender Whites" and never let them on a court.

On one hand, I want to thank you for limiting fthese things to one game. On the other I'm shaking my head that I even have to write this letter to you.

On one hand, I want to shake your hand and thank you for your service to UCLA. On the other hand, I want to shake your hand and thank you for your service to UCLA knowing that your contract expires in 26 days, 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Dan, the clock is ticking. It's time for you to, as you have been quoted, "strap it on"....all the way this time. Say No to Adidas.


PS to Chancellor Block: Please spare us any more of this lack of fortitude and bring in an Athletic Director we can be proud of. Please!

cc: Chancellor Block

My fellow members of Bruins Nation, it is entirely possible that this is the best result we can hope for. UCLA could be under some sort of contractual obligation to wear these horrific things. We may not achieve total victory in this fight. This may be a situation where the Lombardi quote I use in my signature has already been realized, but that shouldn't stop us from continuing this fight.

Keep calling, emailing and tweeting, Bruin Faithful!

Go Bruins!


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