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Gamethread for UCLA at Washington State, Not Since 1994

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UCLA has not lost at Pullman since 1994

Will Shabazz lead UCLA to rise above a bad WSU team early.
Will Shabazz lead UCLA to rise above a bad WSU team early.
Stephen Dunn

The last time #23 UCLA lost at Pullman, Jim Harrick was coach. That's right Lavin never lost there. Howland has not lost there yet. And this is a really bad WSU team. They have lost nine in a row in conference and have only won once at home in conference play to next to last place Utah. BUT UCLA is only favored by 3 points tonight.

Yes, Shabazz is banged up. Yes, Travis Wear is still hurting from his sprained ankle. But moreover it is the fact that UCLA has, depending on your point of view, not dealt with success (last time UCLA was ranked it lost three of its next four) and/or is capable of losing to any team at any time (Cal Poly, USC, etc.) . Better put, UCLA is capable of playing down. UCLA should be favored by 13 but you can't disagree with the odds-makers given the history this season.

The official preview is here with the gametracker here The WSU preview is here.

Go Bruins!