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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Special "WSU? Seriously?" Edition

Ugly... ugly... ugly.

"I surrender!"
"I surrender!"

Usually my special editions come after fun times. Beating Southern Cal. ESPN College GameDay fun. Signing Day. Now I bring you the during and after losing at WSU for the first time in 20 years, or basically, longer than the freshmen on our team have been ALIVE. Yeesh.

No. Not even close.

Some of you may be wondering who the heck Brian Murphy is. He hosts the morning drive show on KNBR, a sportsradio station in the Bay Area. He spends a lot of time talking up UCLA, as an alum (although he's said a few things I don't agree with) and he can reach the Bay Area masses.

A true Ben Ball Warrior was mad.

Yes please.

The players have mostly stayed off of Twitter and refrained from saying anything. The only comments that popped up:

And now that reason appears to be shipping us off to the East Coast for the tournament. Of course as I write this, it appears the teams at the "top" of the Pac-12 are playing a game of hot potato with the regular season title.

UCLA: "Here, we have plenty, you take it."
Arizona: "Ok sure!"
Cal: *ignores Arizona... * "We like fighting better. Look, Mark Madsen was ejected. GO DANCE IN THE LOCKER ROOM MAD DOG. You take it, Duck. Go do some push ups."
Arizona: "No really, we'll take it. We just play ASU this weekend."
Arizona: "We're not. Hey we're still in this thing! Can everyone keep losing?"