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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

A recap of UCLA related tweets over the past week.

Mora is not afraid of the Wooden standard.
Mora is not afraid of the Wooden standard.
Stephen Dunn

I love how our newest players and our incoming players already seem to like each other and rely on each other.

Welcome home DeShaun Foster.

He is attending classes at UCLA and interning with Coach Mora.

It's so good to see Dietrich Riley back on the football field.

Ahh, real intensive practice comes with real pain.

Brendan Ayandabejo was recently released by the Ravens, but he is taking it in stride.

Kahlil Bell will be on American Ninja Warrior!!!

And no, it wasn't easy.

Well, Darren Collison says basketball is headed in a direction.

A lot of UCLA Basketball excellence in one picture at the Final Four:

Remember, the 4th floor is the first floor.

Ok, I admit, sometimes in Poli Sci 10, I felt absolutely lost.

Ohio State, I'm not calling you tOSU anymore if you're going to arrange drivers with this sign:

I hope the van company made that error.

As polite Bruins, we always thank our hosts.

This is quite possibly the cutest picture of the week.


You know it.

This is just fantastic by Dennis Keyes.

My, that's a mighty shiny and pretty ring there.

Bruins, always remember the true standard.

Go Bruins.