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Spaulding Roundup: Slow Starts, Su'a-Filo Impact, and Tuliaupupu's Injury

Wednesday's practice ended with Brandon Tuliaupupu's knee injury, but started with a sloppyness that Coach Mora knows can not become a habit if this team has a desire to achieve greatness.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

The significant news from today's practice is a knee injury of yet-unknown severity suffered by Brandon Tuliaupupu. It came at the very end of today's session without contact, and those who saw it were not optimistic.

"It didn’t look good," head coach Jim Mora said.

Added linebacker Anthony Barr: "Those are the scariest ones, when nobody’s around. He was just running and he kind of falls. We hope for the best."

And just as he has begun to emerge in the coaches' eyes. Hopefully this will end up being more of a scare and a sprain than a serious injury. If it turns out to be a more severe injury, Brandon has already used up his redshirt season for a non-injury purpose, and would lose this season of eligibility.

Here is Coach Mora's post-practice talk with the media (via YouTube)

  • He was not happy with how the team started practice - saying that the coaches and team need to learn how to be consistently mentally dialed in. "You don't want to have lulls, not when you are trying to be great."
  • As tasser noted after Monday's session, Mora and the coaches have added a bit of situation work in these practices. As well as working on particular situations, the coaches are also working on Brett Hundley's sliding technique.
  • Nate Iese and Kenny Orjioke recieved praise for their work and ability - As noted by Chris Foster, Nate has been switched to defensive end, and plenty of room in his frame to add weight and strength for the position. Mora is looking for him to add another 20-25 lbs to his current listed weight.
  • The running backs are performing well and have shown improvement through the past couple of weeks, but none have separated themselves from their competitors.

In his practice report, Foster discussed Nate's move to end, as well as Taylor Lagase's efforts at linebacker. He also gave a couple of notes re. practice performances.

Quarterback Brett Hundley displayed touch and accuracy by dropping a sideline pass to Shaquelle Evans among three defenders.

Running back Jordon James, after a poor snap and bad handoff, made a quick cut through a small hole and bolted 50 yards for a touchdown.

Kevin Gemmell wrote a piece for ESPN's Pac-12 blog on XSF, his return to the team last year after serving his religious mission and his looming impact for the Bruins and on the national award lists this fall.

Kylie Fitts has been recovering from a sprained ankle that he suffered last week; after a few days in a stabilizing boot, he has recovered and per his interview with Jack Wang (video below) hopes to return to practice tomorrow.

Sounds like Kylie's first few weeks in Westwood are going well.