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Quest for #109 - NCAA Gymnastics Super Six Open Thread

The UCLA Gymnastics team competes for NCAA title #109 and Gymnastics title #7 this afternoon.

Let's get this.
Let's get this.

This is it.

An entire season of preparation, competition, flips, twists and falls have led to this moment - the NCAA Super Six. The UCLA Gymnastics team tied for second in their Semi-Final last night and now have a chance to win #109.

The competition begins at 4pm at Pauley. Tickets are available here. Doors open at 2:30pm. If you can't be at Pauley (and how I wish I could be...) you can watch on ESPN3. Live stats are available here.

The exact rotation order is as follows:

Vault Bye before Bars Bars Beam Bye before Floor Floor
Rotation 1 Oklahoma LSU UCLA Florida Alabama Georgia
Rotation 2 Georgia Oklahoma LSU UCLA Florida Alabama
Rotation 3 Alabama Georgia Oklahoma LSU UCLA Florida
Rotation 4 Florida Alabama Georgia Oklahoma LSU UCLA
Rotation 5 UCLA Florida Alabama Georgia Oklahoma LSU
Rotation 6 LSU UCLA Florida Alabama Georgia Oklahoma

UCLA starts on Uneven Bars, and ends on a bye, which is terrible - you hate to have to watch and wait for your fate. All the Bruins can do is try to throw out a 49.5 per event and set the standard on each event. The draw was completely random, so the odds were not in our favor. I actually liked our draw last night better in that it got beam out of the way early.

The overwhelming favorite will be Florida, who has dominated the rankings all year. Oklahoma can contend, and Alabama is always lurking. UCLA, which has had a great season despite so many injuries, will have to have the best meet they've had all season tonight for a chance to win, and for Florida to start faltering.

Let's go Bruins. 198 and 109.