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Bruin Bites: Jet Ski Moving Up, Football Bites, Non-Revenue Roundup

It's Monday morning, and we take some time to take a look at the various bits and pieces of information from around the UCLA-iverse, focusing in on Johnathan "Jet Ski" Franklin's rising NFL draft stock, developments at spring football practice, and how our non-revenue squads fared recently.

Which NFL team will Jet Ski be scoring for this upcoming fall?
Which NFL team will Jet Ski be scoring for this upcoming fall?

It's Monday morning and it's back to work, for both us and the football squad, as they enter the final week of practice before the Spring Game this upcoming Saturday at the Rose Bowl. Speaking of which, if you're in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area this weekend, guess where you should be? That's right: as part of the 50,000+ Bruins that Coach Mora wants in the Rose Bowl this Saturday. Make it happen.

Beside football, the big news of late was our gymnastics team coming up short in the NCAA final, despite it being held at Pauley Pavilion, with the ladies only able to place in fourth, unable to capitalize and falling to Florida (just in case you needed more reason to hate the Gators). So, once again the quest for UCLA's 109th national title still is on hold, with the Bruins unable to seal the deal since 2011 brought us the 107th and 108th NCAA titles (women's golf and women's volleyball). So, on that dour note, let's turn the various bits and pieces of news floating around the UCLA-iverse:

Alright folks, those are your various bits and pieces of news from around the broader UCLA-iverse. Fire away in the comment thread with your thoughts, additions, and takes.