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UCLA Football Spring Practice #12: MNF Open Thread

UCLA Football Spring Practice #12: MNF Open Thread


Happy Monday fellow Bruins!

We are hitting home stretch here, with the spring game festivities kicking off this Saturday at 5 PM PST at the Rose Bowl.

Coach Mora has undoubtedly done an outstanding job of communicating details about spring practices this spring, utilizing social media to interact with fans and answer their questions, hype up draft-eligible players and build up hype for the upcoming spring game at the Rose Bowl. While coach has been furiously tweeting, QB Brett Hundley has removed himself from the distractions of social media this spring.

It would be nice if Coach Mora had a somewhat competent boss who could let him focus on football, by reaching out to the students, but I guess that's not the responsibility of the $750K Athletic Director. However, if you are inspired by sandwich boards or think that swimsuits at football games are a great idea, then apparently, the Morgan Center is doing an outstanding job of marketing despite apparently being strapped on for cash.

I don't know about you all but 50K for the spring game is not an unreasonable goal as Kentucky Wildcats fans showed up in droves (50,831) to observe their spring game.

Like all of the spring practices, tonight's practice will run about 2 hours and will be open to the public. The Bruins will have 2 more practices before the Spring Game at the Rose Bowl on April 27. The entire spring practice schedule is here.

If you are out at Spaulding today please keep us updated on events at practice in this thread. For those of us who live away from Southern California, we always appreciate your first hand notes, thoughts and of course pictures. So fire away.