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Check out Danusia Francis' Side Aerial from NCAA Gymnastics Beam Finals

Danusia Francis with a side aerial on the balance beam


The buzz from Sunday's NCAA Event finals wasn't Florida adding two individual titles to their national title, but it was what UCLA's Danusia Francis did on the beam.

Francis has been a spectacular beam worker for the Bruins this season, moving into the anchor position, which is phenomenal for a freshman. Event finals is a time when you can "go for broke" since you're competing on your own, not as a team, and "Nush" as she is affectionately known by her friends decided to throw in her side aerial.

You will not see this element anywhere else - no one competes it internationally (ok, one person might do it. Not in major competition though.) Francis said she came up with it over the summer, as she was dealing with a wrist injury - and you can see why. Look ma, no hands! (4 feet off the ground! Landing on something 4 inches wide!)

If you want to watch the video, fast forward to the 1:43:25 mark (yes, the one hour, 43 minute mark. She was the final competitor on the beam.)

Or watch these awesome gifs, courtesy of allyoursecrets on tumblr:



It's way more impressive from the side view:




Francis describes it as a cartwheel with no hands. With hands, without hands, all I know is that this was just spectacular. (shame she fell on her front aerial, she could have had a legit shot to win the beam title.)

Gymnastics is fun!