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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

A recap of UCLA related tweets over the past week.

Richard Brehaut is moving on from his UCLA days.
Richard Brehaut is moving on from his UCLA days.
Jonathan Ferrey

So, UCLA offered an 8th grader this week. Our incoming recruits don't believe it.

That he's an eighth grader, that is.

It's officially become a "thing" to have your parents "Shabazz" you.

When any recruit is ready to arrive though, they commit fully to the UCLA way.

And they don't like Cal...

And hopefully they bring more of their friends.

Gymnastics, despite coming in fourth, had a great weekend.

I had to post this, because I love this picture so much.

I am going to miss Vanessa Zamarripa's bar routines.

Bart Conner and Kathy Johnson Clarke had the television commentary over the weekend.

Sometimes, sacrifices need to be made. This sacrifice doesn't help out this article, but if it helps out UCLA football...

Here's another person not Tweeting.

Congratulations, Richard Brehaut.

At least he admitted it.

Anyone want a Joe Fauria card?

Hrm, new weight loss technique perhaps?

Actually the shame might keep me from that late night snack too.

UCLA is now a smoke free campus.

Go Bruins.