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Spaulding Roundup: Cold Nights and Hot Reads

Some notes from last night's UCLA football practice under the lights.

Devin Fuller looks to have a full cup of plays for himself
Devin Fuller looks to have a full cup of plays for himself

Here are some quick notes from the practice from Monday night, which the football team held under the lights in Spaulding.

First, a video of Coach Mora speaking to the press after practice:

Mora seems pleased with the energy and the enthusiasm from practice. The team again did more situational work, and here are some other points to share:

- Kylie Fitts was back but apparently reinjured himself and will miss the spring game, though it does not appear to be serious. Sounds like Alosi will have to do some work with him to get him accustomed to the college game. Be that as it may, Kylie definitely seems to be one of Mora's favorites. He chuckles every time he talks about him and calls him a heckuva football player. Can't wait to see him on the field.

- Ellis "F'in" McCarthy and Keenan Graham were back and doing more at practice, and they will be available for the spring game which is good because the team needs "bodies".

- The coaches called for a "muddle huddle", which is halfway between a no-huddle and a normal huddle. Apparently that threw off the players a bit as they are normally used to the fast pace. Kinda have to laugh at that!

- Practice is expected to be tough and physical on Wednesday, while the pads will come off on Thursday. Mora wants to have a tough spring game though I'm sure he will set a cap on that toughness.

- While some positions seem to be set, Mora wants to maintain a competitive atmosphere. The hardest decisions seem to be at the RB, OL and secondary positions, particularly with some reinforcements coming soon.

- Brett Hundley had a camera on his helmet while playing. This will allow the coaches to see how Brett goes through his progressions and should be quite helpful in giving him pointers. Yes Brett, even more film to watch. Lucky you!

- Devin Fuller was again brought up, and Mora puts him in the mold of a Percy Harvin (while acknowledging that it's not quite fair to either player). While they want to utilize his full skills, the coaches don't want to overload him either.

- Mora and the coaches are not quite satisfied but are happy with the progress of some players, specifically Brett Hundley (ooo mama), the wide receivers (finally) and some players on defense.

- Meanwhile, concerns remain on the offensive line and the secondary. Help is on the way, but IMO it's likely there will be growing pains in the first few games.

That's it folks, enjoy your day!

Go Bruins!