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UCLA Basketball Recruit Allerik Freeman Decommits

Great job, Alford.

A recruit tells Alford "later!"
A recruit tells Alford "later!"
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Originally posted by chrissorr (thanks!) top 100 recruit Allerik Freeman, who signed a letter of intent with UCLA back in November, has asked to be released from his letter of intent.

According to his coach, Todd Simon out of Findlay Prep:

"I think Al just wants to exercise all due diligence in making this major life decision with the change in circumstances at UCLA," Simon said in a text message.

When Freeman committed to us, he turned down Kansas, Ohio State, Duke and Villanova. Freeman is originally from North Carolina. He was the 65th overall ranked player by ESPN and a four star recruit on scout. Here was our original post on Freeman committing.

He could wind up back with UCLA, but I'd bet he takes his talents elsewhere, especially after our less than blockbuster hire who has bumbled his way through statements about his actions with a previous employer.

Coach Steve Alford's main objective when he was hired was to keep the recruits coming in this fall.


While we may not have needed another shooting guard, we need bodies. But it's ok, Bryce Alford is going to save the day.