Jim Mora is Personally Paying for Student Bus Rides to the Rose Bowl

Yeah, I know guys - my boss is an overpaid tool. - Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

If you want to see a classic example of how incompetent and pathetic Dan Guerrero's athletic department is - take a look at this clownish tweet from Josh Rebholz (the "Associated Athletic Director" for "Development"):

Obviously, it is amazing that Jim Mora is personally paying out of his own pocket for all UCLA students to ride buses to the Rose Bowl. Good for him. And this only ups the pressure on our fanbase to show up at the Rose Bowl. Let's do our part to reward Mora's aggressive and generous leadership. Let's do everything we can to get 50K Bruins at the Rose Bowl.

But - the real question is why the heck Mora is paying out of his own pocket when we are wasting almost million dollars a year on a clueless, clownish athletic director?

This is beyond embarrassing for Chianti. I don't think neither he or any of his employees in Morgan Center realize how with this move Mora is once again exposing Guerrero as an incompetent, out-of-touch bureaucrat who is making millions to wreck our major sports programs, while the head coach is left with picking up the tab for students' bus rides to the spring game.

Remember it was just days ago when the Daily Bruin in an editorial mentioned how Guerrero whined about how it was "difficult" to "invest in marketing." And here we have the football coach finding money in his own personal budget to fund bus tickets for students to the Rose Bowl.



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