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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

A recap of the UCLA related tweets over the past week.

We will be happy again someday.
We will be happy again someday.
Jeff Gross

Most of the tweets last week were coaching search dominated. I culled through all of them...

ok fine. I culled through what I could to bring you this week's twitterverse.

I know, it's a hard life, not being paid to surf the internet and read people's thoughts. ;-)

I apologize that I need to sully your screen with a Southern Cal picture, but it has a good ending.

Also, welcome to the dorms!

Yeah, at least make the tweets interesting. Stop making me click on links for free iPads.

Ahh.. old school Nick cartoons.

Sometimes I miss watching Rugrats. Or Doug. "OOOOOOEEEEOOOOOOOO... KILLER TOFU!"

Wow. That looks menacing. And painful.

Let's hope not forever!

Good thoughts to Jerry Rice Jr's grandmother:

And our thoughts are also with you, Brenton Allen.

Ok fine, here's one basketball tweet.

If Johnathan Franklin can accomplish this, he'd be the best mayor ever.

The ULTIMATE compliment. In case you don't know, Kim Zmeskal is the 1991 World Champ in gymnastics, medaled in 1992, and is now a coach:

Her handstands are just that perfect.

Always listen to your mother.

Did you make UCLA eggs also?

I LOVED the movies.


*cough* Go Giants *cough*

But as a Giants fan, sometimes it's hard for me to root on fellow Bruin Chase Utley, but I can appreciate this:

PDA is one thing. In a classroom...



Holy crap Caleb, I can't handle that.

Finally, I do end with a basketball tweet from Tom Crean:

We are certainly hoping for the best.

Happy birthday Thomas Duarte!

Go Bruins.