UCLA Looking at Alford for Weeks?

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Bumped. Just when you thought the story around Dan Guerrero's joke "search" for a new basketball coach couldn't get any more weird. - BN Eds.

I have been troubled by the information that has come to light in regards to Coach Alford's decision making while at Iowa, his seeming lack of remorse, or any hint at an apology in regards to his handling of the Pierce situation. There is new outrage from Bruins fans, long lasting outrage from Iowa fans, yet I cant seem to find anyone from New Mexico that spoke out when Alford was hired there in 2007. I've been trying to search the archives of the Albuquerque Journal to see if there are past comments from fans who were outraged at his behavior prior to coming to the Lobos. I could find nothing! But . . .

I did learn that Alford took an apparent pay cut to come to New Mexico thanks to the folks at Eastman and Beaudine, who still list Alford's placement at UNM on their website of clients. (An interesting website to explore on its own to see who they have worked with placing ADs at several schools, including two that have moved the needles at their respective schools IMHO, Cal and Baylor.)(I would love us to pursue Ian McCaw from Baylor as AD.)

Another story published just prior to Alford being hired talked about the candidates being considered besides Alford that included then UCLA assistant Kerry Keating (probably second choice if things didn't work out with Alford), as well as then Winthrop coach, Gregg Marshall, who was told UNM was moving in a different direction! (Lucky for him, I would think.) Link

I also saw a story from today (also fanposted by dirtyvu) that provided copies of letters sent to Alford and his attorney letting them know that since he didn't give them 30 days notice, his last day would be April 30, 2013 and that he owes UNM $1,000,000, not the smaller amount that Chianti thought he was beating the deadline by the quick hiring of Alford. Or was it such a quick hire?

Haven't we thought that Chianti rushed this hire and hadn't had a plan in place? Apparently Doughnut Dan had us fooled all along with any rumors about Stevens and Smart. According to the article, "Lobo Nation is Caught Off Guard," two separate sources said that they knew that Alford was being looked at by UCLA for weeks! Jack Fortner, president of UNM's Board of Regents, said "I was surprised and shocked. I've known that UCLA was looking at him; I've known that for several weeks. I just thought that once we committed to the 10-year (contract), that he'd be around." From a separate quote, Ryan Miller, who was an assistant under Alford at New Mexico, said, "I knew UCLA had been looking at him, but I was surprised after I heard about the (UNM) contract."

So one of Alford's assistant coaches knew, the President of the UNM Board of Regents knew, Alford must have been talking for awhile, so Dan, have you been looking at Alford for awhile or not? Don't we deserve to know?

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