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More Chianti: Guerrero Contract Renewed until 2019

Dan Guerrero's contract was renewed until 2019. No one knows why.

Stephen Dunn

I wish this was the April Fool's joke.

I wish this was the post that Bellerophon had put up on Monday to mess with you all.

Sadly, this is reality.

If you have been reading this site, you know full well of Guerrero's numerous missteps, his disdain for students and his inability to hire elite coaches. But it is quite evident that his boss is oblivious, doesn't know, or doesn't care about any of that.

From the official release:

Recognizing Dan Guerrero's impressive record of achievements on and off Bruin fields and course during his tenure, Chancellor Gene Block has extended the UCLA athletic director's contract through 2019.

A slap in the face of the many alumni who have voiced their concerns to the Chancellor's office.

There are some hilarious portions in the release, particularly if you are familiar with the details of his tenure as most of you are if you have been reading this site.

I got a chuckle out of the part where they say he has "worked tirelessly".

But I have been saying this whole time, only one thing matters to these people and that is the bottom line:

"Dan has excelled in both commonly accepted barometers of success in a role like his: fiscal management and athletic victories."

It's not by mistake that one comes before the other.

At least, we can take solace in one thing:

No tuition or state funds are utilized in the compensation package, which is funded exclusively through athletic department revenues and private fundraising.

The state of California is thankful.

The Alumni of UCLA are sorrowful.

We will not stop dissecting Guerrero's erroneous ways, and sadly for those who care about excellence in UCLA Athletics, it looks like we will have more material in the next few years.