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Spaulding Roundup: Toolbox and Turnovers

Some news and notes from the UCLA Football team's second day of spring practice.

Devin Fuller:  QB, WR, Toolbox
Devin Fuller: QB, WR, Toolbox

The Bruins wrapped up their second day of practice and are starting to get in the swing of things.

First of all, thank you to those who attend the practice and share their notes with us, as waltond did earlier today.

Here is Coach Mora's conversation with the press after practice today (I really wish UCLA would make these videos embeddable).

A few things to note from today's practice:

- It seems the players just needed that one day to remember how to practice. The tempo was good today and much further along than last year at this time, obviously.

- Improving the turnover ratio is going to be a point of emphasis this year. The defense was going hard after the ball and Mora was quite pleased with that effort.

- Obviously they coaches are still going to work on implementing their own system but they will soon start experimenting more and more to keep opponents off balance.

- One key part of that is going to be Devon Fuller who spent some time at QB today running some option pass plays. The coaches will work on putting variations on that formation (the defense clearly knew what play was going to be run when Fuller was in), so Devin looks to be our "toolbox" this year.

- Mora mentions that they spend time in the offseason studying things that other teams do very well and try to incorporate those things in their own system. So...uh...not a full overhaul a la Pistol? Sounds good to me.

- Mora got a chuckle again out of Kylie Fitts's efforts to get used to college life. I get the feeling that those two have a good relationship going and that Mora expects big things from him.

- Players who were specifically brought up: Devin Lucien had a good day, and Cassius Marsh looks like he has stepped it up a notch yet again and seems poised for a big year. Barr and Kendricks were singled out for their hard work and their attention to detail. And Mora is having fun watching Brett Hundley develop, so hopefully we'll have a blast watching him play this year!

- A lot of the new recruits will be in attendance at the Saturday practice.

- A couple of injury notes: Keenan Graham pulled his hamstring and Eric Kendricks sprained his ankle though neither looked too serious, but Kendricks will miss some days.

That's it folks, hope you got your fill for today.

Go Bruins!