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Bruins Nation (Next to) Final 4 Brackets Update

We are down to the final weekend of the tournament, so let's check in one last time before we crown our own champion to see how everyone is doing.

No one correctly picked the Final Four. Shocking! I mean, Shockers! It's okay, though. Only like 50 brackets out of 5 million on ESPN did get all 4, and you know those were all rabid and slightly delusional Wichita State grads, so you decide if you'd switch places with them.

LongTimeBru, the pride of Tehachapi, is all alone in first place with 78 points, but his hold is tenuous. He has Indiana winning the title, which is unlikely to happen, so he'll need everyone else to get a bagel for the weekend to take the top spot.

Lurking behind him with 73 points is David's Dazzling Bracket and his pick of Louisville to win it all. Dazzling may be the perfect description for this one, as he has Michigan getting to the final and has the highest potential score of all the brackets.

My Sexy Bracket (no, not Mine, sadly) and JoeBruin's Bye Ben! Bracket are tied 2 points behind at 71. My Sexy Bracket is maxed on points, though, so it's not going anywhere. If we knew that JoeBruin15 was going to be this good with predictions, then I wish that bracket were called "Bye Dan!" Well, there's always next year. Or 2019.

There are a plenty of brackets that still have a lot of points out there, but it looks to me like if anyone wants to catch David, you'll need to have Syracuse getting to the finals, and then hope Louisville gets shocked today. I'm not going to look through all the brackets to see if anyone has that miracle in hand, but if you do, sing out loud and proud in our thread.

We'll do a final update for the standings and announce the winner and the prize sometime following Monday night's championship game. Stay tuned!