Westwood Brewing Company (Brew Co.) to Close

Brew Co Will Make Way for The Boiling Crab - Vivian La / Daily Bruin

According to the Daily Bruin, Brew Co. (Westwood Brewing Company) will be closing its doors and making way for a new restaurant, the Boiling Crab due to dwindling profits.

Many of us here know all too well that the late night social scene in Westwood is very limited when it comes to alcohol and large crowds. Sure, there may be the Thursday night rager at your best bro's fraternity house, the party bus going to a frat or sorority event or the occasional apartment party that gets out of hand, but for the most part, late night drinking and socializing options have been limited to a few select desinations, such as Maloney's (younger Bruins may see an O'Hara's sign out front but don't let that sign fool you, it'll always be Maloney's), Acapulco, Brew Co., the Glendon and in more recent years, Barney's Beanery.

Personally, I was not an avid consumer of alcohol as some of my UCLA colleagues but nights out in Westwood always included a stop at the old faithful, Brew Co. because I knew I'd be thoroughly entertained. Whether it was people watching during karaoke hour, a vocal crowd watching an away UCLA game or rowdy trivia nights, I knew I'd run into familiar faces without having to take out another student loan or call home for "textbook" money in order to pay for a tab.

I'm sure many of us have had wonderful memories at Brew Co. Some of us may have met significant others here, watched a huge Bruin victory (or Lakers or Dodgers) while others may have only heard stories from afar. Westwood has been undergoing quite a transformation in the last decade or so, so it is always bittersweet to see a Westwood Village icon and late night hotspot go.

Feel free to share some good memories that you've had at Brew Co.

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