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Latest on on BruinsNation | SB Nation Site Performance

Latest on site performance of BruinsNation and SB Nation.

We will be back ... in full capacity sooner rather than later.
We will be back ... in full capacity sooner rather than later.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Hey folks. Wanted to provided you all with another updated re. the significant performance drop across the network this week. The SB Nation team and all of Vox Media sincerely apologize for the site performance problems affecting your experience on BN and other SBN communities over the past few days. Totally understand how frustrating it is for you.

Given the nature of the issue, it is taking several days to fully restore performance completely. Members of SBN's tech team been working around the clock, taking incremental and comprehensive measures, to restore performance to normal levels.

More on this from Kevin Lockland at SBN's Blog Huddle:

Our approach to correcting the issues affecting the network has been two pronged: 1) improve performance as much as possible incrementally and 2) restore long-term stability to the system.

The first prong has been focused on improving the performance of logged-in users as these users have experienced the biggest drop in performance. Some of the improvements that we have pushed out to this point include:

  • Page load performance for logged-in users, including lower error rates
  • Commenting performance
  • Logging-in
  • Publishing content, including Fanposts and Fanshots

Some of these errors, specifically for logged-in users, may appear intermittently until we complete the necessary infrastructure work, but performance should be greatly improved from Tuesday evening and Wednesday.

We have all hands on deck to complete this work and will be performing maintenance after hours this weekend to restore full service to the network. Of course, we would like to do this work sooner, but we need to be extra careful and thorough in making these changes, so as to not risk new problems.

Again, totally understand the frustration you all may have been experience and we all appreciate your patience. Thank God this is happening during the off-season. It wouldn't have been fun to experience this during the football or the hoops season. Wait - maybe I am speaking too soon about the hoops season given we have no idea what direction our program is headed under someone who has never had success coaching at a major conference.