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Chianti Dan Mocked by Another Sports Outlet as Discontent Draws National Attention

With Chris Foster exposing Chianti Dan Guerrero for being either an incompetent buffoon or a dishonest bureaucrat, the pressure continues to build as another national sports outlet mocks our useless, pathetic excuse for an athletic director with a hilariously snarky jab.

Victor Decolongon

Remember watching those old Looney Tune episodes where one pebble would be pulled out of some monolithic dam, with just a small trickle of water coming out, followed by an epic dam rupture with a wall of water pouring out? Chris Foster's recent piece in the Los Angeles Times is that pebble. It wasn't a long piece nor was it the kind of hard-hitting investigative journalism that would make Woodward and Bernstein proud. Nope, it was one key piece of information:

Guerrero was also questioned - about whether UCLA had properly vetted its new coach and investigated what happened at Iowa. He said he "clearly discussed" the Piece situation with Alford before hiring him.

However, when Alford was asked a similar question, he said the topic never came up.

Guerrero later amended his comment, saying he discussed Pierce with his staff and Alford's representatives, but not with Alford.

And guess what? People are calling bulls**t on Chianti Dan. In short, Guerrero claims he discussed the Pierce scandal with Alford before giving Stevie a big fat check, only to retract that claim after Alford himself reveals it not to be true. That's a sure-fire way to tell when someone is full of s**t.

But we're not the only ones who took notice of Foster's hard-hitting information bomb. Naturally, Nestor climbed all over this story when Foster's piece hit the news, but national media outlets, with no affiliation to UCLA, have picked up on it, starting with CBS Sports running the story this morning, hammering home the information nugget Foster uncovered:

The Pierce incident was so infuriating to some UCLA fans that a group passed around an online petition to have UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero fired. The matter was made more discouraging for some UCLA fans because, according to the story, Guerrero claims to have "clearly discussed" the Pierce/Iowa problem before Alford's hiring.

Alford said the two men never talked of it.

Ruh-roh for Chianti Dan! But sadly for the bungling moron that styles himself UCLA's athletic director, the folks at Big Lead Sports (part of USA Today Sports) has launched an awesome, snark-filled jab at Guerrero's pathetic statement he released following Foster's piece:

Guerrero released a statement in response, and he would like people to stop ignoring what Steve Alford has accomplished at UCLA.

Alford, of course, has yet to coach a game at UCLA. No one has transferred, though. That's what Guerrero meant. We should focus on that. It's sad that the LA Times wrote a piece about Alford's career and didn't discuss all the Final Fours he hasn't reached at UCLA yet.

You can't help but laugh at how pathetic and incompetent Dan Guerrero, and his feckless weak-willed boss Gene Block, look right now. It's just comical at how much of a s**t-show these two morons are.

It's only a matter of time before people in the national and local media start asking ol' Recessive Gene the tough questions, kind of like our very own bruin1999 did in the comment thread in Nestor's original post:


Pretty good point. As Tydides pointed out earlier tonight:

Remember, we're the school that let go of Jim Harrick for lying about a dinner. Now we've got either an athletic director or a basketball coach that is lying about due diligence regarding the handling of a sexual assault case. That's the context here. Heads need to roll.

We know which heads need to roll: the clock is ticking for you both Dan and Gene.

The dam is bursting.