ESPN Joins the List of Media Laughing At Guerrero

No one is buying his BSpin. - Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA

Bumped. It's only getting uglier for Chianti and that's a good thing for the best interest of UCLA Athletics. The sooner he gets out of Westwood the better for UCLA. GO BRUINS. - BN Eds.

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Add tWWL to the list of media calling Chianti Dan an idiot.

Eamon Brennan has written an article titled "UCLA and the Self-Inflicted Backlash" in which he analyzes last Saturday's LA Times article, Guerrero's response and news articles that have been written since.

He writes:

Alford flubbed his opening news conference, Guerrero assured reporters he had asked his new coach about something the coach later said never came up. Whoops.

As unfortunate as that anecdote is, it was just one slightly embarrassing detail in an otherwise not-unflattering story more about Alford's overall life in basketball than his hiring at UCLA. It gained steam among understandably grumpy UCLA fans in no time, but would have likely gone away shortly after that. Guerrero was caught out. It happens. It's over. You take your lumps and live to fight another day.

In case you didn't click the link, it goes to Nestor's article from Saturday.

The article continues by quoting good ol' Dan's statement and then offers the following analysis:

Yep, that's right: Not only does Guerrero apparently not understand that reporters are under no obligation to include specific portions of their reporting in any given story, he also wants everyone to recognize what Alford -- who hasn't coached a single game at UCLA -- has already accomplished at UCLA.

After mocking Chianti for expecting Bruin fans to just accept Alford with open arms after making only one Sweet 16 in his entire career, Brennan offers Guerrero and Alford some final advice:

Unless Alford builds a consistent national title contender in Westwood, Bruins fans' sky-blue-adorned arms will remain leerily folded across their sky-blue-adorned chests. In a weird way, this should be freeing. What matters for Alford and Guerrero now is whether UCLA wins or loses, and how. It's really just that simple. Little else matters.

In the meantime, maybe write fewer angry, backlash-inducing news releases? I'm just spitballing here.

Or, maybe the Chancellor should step up and do the right thing and dump Dan now.

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