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The Hunt for Eddie Vanderdoes

Eddie Vanderdoes may have had a change of heart. What does Twitter say?

Pick up that blue hat!
Pick up that blue hat!

Twitter may seem like a place to pour out your thoughts, 140 characters at a time but it is probably the place to go now to find BREAKING (and sometimes inaccurate, so be careful) NEWS.

Let's recap where it all started. BSR is usually pretty accurate.

Joe Schad of ESPN contributed these nuggets today, h/t to g.granillo:

I'm sure every Bruin out there did a small backflip with that last tweet.

Also, you know who can't keep news to themselves? RECRUITS. They have probably been calling Eddie, since we technically cannot. It might be wishful thinking on Caleb's part, or maybe he has information we don't have. (thanks again g.granillo)

Commence another backflip:

The person to follow is Joe Davidson of the Sacramento Bee, which is the local paper from Eddie's home area:

Irish fans are in a bit of a tizzy that UCLA may land their prize:

Oh yes, it's ugly.

Let's keep it positive here on BN (HAHAHA says the critics.) We want what is best for Eddie Vanderdoes and his family and we're sure he'll make the decision that he wants.

This time.

Go Bruins.