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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

A recap of UCLA related tweets over the past week.

Tony Parker, future filmmaker
Tony Parker, future filmmaker
Harry How

The baseball team had a special visitor last week:

Hopefully his winning way rub off during the baseball post season.

Demetrious Knox is a recruit we hope to land. If these are his requirements in a future school, I think UCLA has a very good shot.

Joe Fauria knows how to use vine perfectly.

Tony Parker has also become a vine artist. Gushi, anyone?

Mind what you write on Twitter. Sometimes we forget that our athletes are sometimes just 18 year old kids making a huge decision that will affect the rest of their life.

(plus it might be a recruiting violation to tweet at a recruit.)


Thank you for all the material and memories, Richard Brehaut.

Coach Mora promotes all things UCLA Football:

In baseball news:

Best of luck. Go Bruins.