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PF Wannah Bail - Possible Transfer to UCLA?

Let's round up what we know about Wannah Bail, a possible transfer from Texas Tech.

"Let us take your transfers..."
"Let us take your transfers..."
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

According to rumors, UCLA is currently looking at a transfer that could have an impact on the incoming class this fall. While a point of concern may be the point guard, perhaps new coach Steve Alford is trying to prove he can recruit impact players to UCLA.

Apparently the player he is courting is Wannah Bail, who is looking to transfer from Texas Tech. No, this is not a joke. That is really his name. Bail is a power forward from Texas who was a three star recruit out of high school. When he enrolled at Texas Tech, he wound up leaving after a semester. Why? Academic Issues. Or, if you believe other stories, maybe he couldn't get along with Billy Gillespie, since he's apparently run off 15 players from his program. Either way, he has been cleared by the NCAA and is now available.

Bail is 6'9, 205 pounds (in high school, he may weigh more now, but he doesn't have a bio up on Texas Tech's website) and is very raw. He is taking visits to UCLA today, then over to Southern Cal, and then off to Miami.

You can check out some of his highlights here and here. He did not play last year for Texas Tech, so I am not sure if he will have to sit out a year, or if he will have to sit on the bench behind two Wears and Tony Parker. He does defend and rebound, so it would be an interesting competition.