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Bruin Bites: Craig Lee Update, Hoops in Vegas & Beating Trojans

General news and notes involving UCLA athletics.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Happy Friday everyone. This has to be the worst time of the year when it comes to sports. There is no more college football news to hang on to. We are in the midst of NBA and NHL finals season, but honestly I can't get really all that excited about any of those professional leagues. I enjoy going to pro baseball games but they are boring to watch or listen to on TV (I find UCLA baseball lot more interesting). That leaves me with nothing but just to scrounge for UCLA related news bits this time of the year and count the days till football camp this summer.

So now more than ever we are counting on everyone here to serve up all Bruin related bites from all angles. Here are the three nuggets to get started and get through your Friday.

  • Jack Wang from Inside UCLA posted that 4 star UCLA RB recruit Craig Lee has received a qualifying ACT to score. Well, Jack actually referenced a tweet from BruinSportReport's Edward Lewis which has already been fanshotted by Bruins#1. Story appears to have been confirmed by Greg Biggins on But, we should probably wait to celebrate until we get official confirmation from the official sources at UCLA. While our RB depth is now looking decent with the return of Malcolm Jones and transfer of Rushel Shell, getting Lee would be tremendous for our overall backfield depth. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  • SBN's Northwestern blog - Sippin' On Purple - informs us that apparently UCLA may be playing in the Las Vegas Invitational on November 29-30 with Missouri, Northwestern and Nevada. Not sure whether or not to get excited about. Currently there is nothing about UCLA basketball that has any of us looking forward to next season. The only thing that matters about UCLA hoops right now is recruiting. Remember Ben Howland had both AA and JF locked in by the end of May. AA committed within 11 days of Howland's arrival at UCLA while JF committed at the end May. So far we got nothing from Steve Alford.
  • UCLA breathlessly put up a release on its official site about clinching the "crosstown Gauntlet" against Southern Cal. Hey, that's cool, but the problem is under Dan "Chianti" Guerrero's incompetent leadership UCLA had lost this trophy (not sure if there is even a trophy any more) to Southern Cal for 65 years row. And, there is the matter of the athletic department finishing it's second straight season without a NCAA championship, and IIRC the 6th straight season without a championship in any of men's program. Not pretty at all. But, but all that said it's good to see us winning this Gauntlet thing again and our athletes succeed despite the incompetent leadership of the AD. As Coach Mora sometimes tweets #WOTT.

So that's what I have for this am. What do you got? What are you reading, hearing? Share them in the comment threads or put them up in fanposts or fanshots.