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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

A mid-week Twitter update.

Thanks for the memories Jerry Rice Jr.
Thanks for the memories Jerry Rice Jr.
Doug Pensinger

Congratulations to our newest UCLA Hall of Fame members:


UCLA. Commit to us.

Best of luck to Jerry Rice Jr in the future, although it is a bit of a bummer that we will no longer see Jerry Rice around the Rose Bowl.

XSF, a true gentleman.


Notice "Athletic Director" is nowhere on this list.

A protective baby bro. Unfortunately the Grizzlies couldn't take down the Spurs.

Tony Parker Vine of the Week, featuring UCLA Gymnasts:

I know Fox will disagree but Twitter is made for thought dissemination, 140 characters at a time. Right?

As if Chris Kluwe didn't have enough to do.

Fun picture of the week!

Go Bruins.