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VIDEOS: UCLA Marching Band Rocks Out at Staples with the Rolling Stones

Compilation of videos of the UCLA Marching Band rocking out the Staple Center to introduce the Rolling Stones.

Achilles put up the fanshot yesterday with the video of the Bruin marching band rocking the solid gold sound to start up the Rolling Stones concert at Stapes. It was big time and it had Jim Mora FIRED UP -- as he pushed out three rapid fire tweets:

We are guessing Chianti had no clue about it and still has no idea that our band was actually at Staples. Anyway, this stuff is so cool I thought it was worth looking up all the other related videos and having them memorialized in one simple post.

There are some good ones. janeausten4ever shared this one in the comment thread:

UCLA Marching Band - Satisfaction (via Jason Nathanson)

There is this from "Proud Dad" with a shot of how the band looked on the video screen when they came out:

Proud Dad 25 - The UCLA Marching Band Opening for the Rolling Stones 5-3-1 (via Proud Dad)

And will end this one which is really cool - starting around 3:00 min mark of this video:

The Rolling Stones live - UCLA Marching Band 5-3-13(opening) (via tarantulaman)

So the Bruins got a shout out at the Oscars just a few weeks ago, and now opening for the Stones. Yeah, I think it's safe to say at least for this year -- WOTT.

Amazing how a win in that one football game (you know which one) can change things.