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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: UCLA Baseball to Omaha!

This week in the UCLA Twitterverse: On to Omaha and the College World Series!

Nick Vander Tuig is on his way to Omaha.
Nick Vander Tuig is on his way to Omaha.

UCLA is headed back to the College World Series, and the congratulations came from everywhere.

Baseball alums, current athletes, incoming athletes. This is what a high profile college athletics program should be about. Too bad our athletic director is too busy wondering how to make a baseball shaped donut.

Or figuring out how to deal with this guy.

Do you think he writes his own material? Doubtful.

The current players are excited:

Congratulations again, UCLA Baseball.

One final baseball alum note, Gerrit Cole, the #1 draft pick in the 2011 MLB Draft will be making his debut for the Pittsburgh Pirates against the San Francisco Giants, going up against former UW pitcher Tim Lincecum, former Bruin Brandon Crawford... who also happens to be the brother of Gerrit's girlfriend, Amy Crawford, former UCLA softball player.

Good luck Gerrit.

Oh and the absolute final note, life is good for Coach Jim Mora.

That picture was picked up nationally.

Go Bruins.