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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Let's Go Undie Running!

Finals are over! Here are your UCLA tweets celebrating the end of another school year.

Stephen Dunn

It is our duty to bring you these tweets from the esteemed traditions of finals week at UCLA.

Yes, Midnight Yell.

Now that the geezers here remember their traditions, let's move into the newest one:

Undie Run.

While Undie Run was shut down a year or two ago, it is back and spring quarter is the best time for it.

Yep, spring quarter is definitely the best when you're about to graduate.

Or when you've just arrived to campus:

Let's get ready:

It was huge.

Someone in this video is wearing a sweater. Oh wait.

Let's go:

Hey, guy in the banana costume - that's not your underwear. Or is it.


Now, how do we harness all this energy to show up to every football game?

There aren't a lot of pics and video from the end of Undie Run, so I wonder if everyone quit around BruinWalk.

A quick note: If you'd like to watch Commencement online, please check out this website:

Congratulations to all the Bruins graduating out there and let's get ready for summer. We'll have a recap of Graduation next week.