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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: Graduation, Moving out, and Baseball Moving On

A recap of the UCLA related tweets in the past week, focusing on commencement.

The son of a Bruin scores a run.
The son of a Bruin scores a run.

Congratulations to all the new UCLA Graduates!

The Wear Twins:

Men's Volleyball:


Women's Basketball:

Nice touch with the unis under the robes.


Brendan Ayandabejo delivered the speech at the UCLA Athletics Graduation:

Even though your UCLA days may be over (or you still have a year of eligibility and are remaining on campus) remember:

And Coach Mora's #1 grad:

Son Cole will be closeby, playing soccer at Claremont-McKenna. Also, have you seen his academic profile? Wowsa.

Baseball is officially in Omaha, and they marched out Olympics style.

Let's continue making this a habit:

And thank you Bruin Alums for feedng our team:

It's the end of the school year, and it's time to move out of the dorm, and for some students, probably the first time they've seen the floor of the room since they moved in.

And also the cleaning out of the lockers:

Go Bruins. Have a good summer.